Specialists in autonomous wearables and connected accessories

We bring you solutions for remote assistance,
aiming at connecting people
through voice and track and trace.
We offer suitable solutions to different family members, mainly to the most vulnerable ones: young children, teenagers and elderly people.
To facilitate their interaction with the environment, thus improving their autonomy, mobility and well-being.
Your peace of mind
You can monitor their actions and take contact with them at any given time.
It’s different!
We are constantly seeking for new connectivity solutions that address your sense of safety and tranquility.

In a world where time set the pace, we are avid to find new forms of fine-tuning work with family and friends. We need new ways of keeping in contact and simplify our day to day work.



hellOO It's me!

The best Phone Watch for kids in the market, with GPS/WIFI positioning.

At some point, we all have had an unpleasant experience due to distraction or loosing eye contact with our children; they got out of sight in the park or at the Mall. hellOO is What you are asking for!

Children are welcome outside with their friends and their confidence will be reinforced while helping with small daily tasks or other outdoor activities.

You will be able to track and trace or call the kids in any moment. Give them more freedom to discover their surroundings.


Phone Watch with GPS/WIFI positioning for elderly people. Includes emergency call and Voice sms.

The key aspect of the evolution of life expectancy is the improvement of its quality in the maturity and advanced age. This improvement allows them greater independence, to carry out outdoor activities and to be totally autonomous. Not in vain, in Spain 1.8 million people over 65 live alone*.

mygOO offers more self-confidence and security to maintain an active way of life. mygOO has a very Slim design and it’s easy to use. Allows bidirectional calls (up to 20 numbers agenda), automatic SOS call button, Track and trace and voice message.

*Source INE



Unique personal Fall detector. Fully automatic, connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Our elders have a very active and independent life. But we have all heard from friends of an unexpected fall or a sudden affection of a close relative and not being able to assist when he/she was alone. We know that time is a key factor, to monitor his activity and be in contact is fundamental to avoid major dangers.

Angel 4 provides automatic fall detection. Highly discreet, it can be worn in a normal belt. No buttons needed, all user/device interactions are executed through a clever and simple APP for Android smartphones. The role of the mobile phone is to carry out automatically the communication with the emergency services in the case a fall occurs and also to provide geolocation when the user is outdoors.



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